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September 22, 2011, 7:19 am

Daily Tidbit for Thursday: The Supervisors’ meeting from yesterday is still waiting to be uploaded. However, the Lee Academy Homecoming game from last Friday is finally on the Sports Videos Page. And yes, it does include the half-time activities with the Homecoming Court.

Along the same lines, we still have not heard from our software people, so, since this is the newest version of their software, we will assume they are having some serious problems. Please be patient with us while we wait for them to correct their problems.

Now, let’s move to Quitman County for an update. In reference to the rumor that Sen. Robert Jackson had been arrested for D.U.I., we could not find anybody at the Quitman County Courthouse who knows anything about Sen. Robert Jackson being arrested on that charge. Apparently this was just a vicious rumor.

However, there have 11 separate charges filed in connection with the last election. Some of the charges that were filed were filed by Sen. Jackson's wife against a man for alleged Facebook stalking.

And in an unexpected move, the Courthouse received a letter yesterday from both Justice Court Judges and another from the Prosecuting Attorney recusing themselves from hearing the case against Sen. Jackson. They are now awaiting a request that was sent to Chief Circuit Court Judge Albert Smith to appoint a special judge to hear all 11 cases.

And you thought we only got silly about politics in Coahoma County!

Jr. High football tonight! If you want to see tomorrow’s stars today, this is the place to see them. Believe it or not, there is some good action out there.

Tomorrow night is High School football and it features the Coahoma County Red Panthers versus the Aggie Tigers @ Aggie. Meanwhile, the Clarksdale Wildcats are on the road in Hernando and Lee Academy faces off against Magnolia Heights Academy in Senatobia.

Have a great day Clarksdale.

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